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We Provide All Kinds of Residential & Commercial Water Solutions in UAE

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Residential Water Supply

Best Drinking water in UAE

Lago collects nature’s gift, water, from the environment and expertly treats it to world-class standards to distribute safe drinking water across the UAE. Our delivery services supply fresh, clean, and premium-tasting water straight from our safe hands. Understanding the need for a regular water intake, we are equipped with a professional team to serve residential drinking water at your doorstep; on-time.  


Lago is now a household name as the best residential water supplier in the UAE. With our promised service on every occasion, Lago ensures to revitalize your home and health.  

Commercial Water Supply

Staying protected and hydrated is the best solution Lago water can offer. We are ready to deliver water with all its freshness to any commercial requirements. Lago, as a trusted brand, lives by our bond with the customers. We have a strong connection with water plants and distribution networks all over the UAE to enable better service and strive relentlessly to be the country’s reliable commercial drinking water solution. 


Our team’s incredible fleet strength makes us the best commercial water supplier in the UAE. In addition, Lago’s dedicated support system empowers the customers to choose from our wide range of options and reach them through the best possible route.  

Best Drinking water in UAE